Paan Singh Tomar Movie Review

Paan Singh Tomar (Hindi)

Release Date:
March 02, 2012

Paan Singh was a small town lad who went on to win the steeplechase at the Indian National Games for seven consecutive years. He broke the national record, a feat that was unsurpassed for 10 years! A series of life changing events however forced Paan Singh to give up athletics, pick up the gun and become the scourge of the infamous Chambal Valley in Central India. Filled with deep emotions and fateful twists, Paan Singh Tomar is a gritty, no holds barred action-adventure set in the heart of India's gangland, Chambal.

Paan Singh was a small town lad who went on to win the steeplechase at the Indian National Games for seven consecutive... Show More

Paan Singh Tomar, at the end, is like Paan Singh Tomar. It may be impossible to fully know him, but it’s impossible not to like him

The Hindu

Paan Singh Tomar has good intentions but not enough emotional heft. But what Dhulia and Irrfan do give us is a fascinating character who was at once, complex and childlike. He makes it worth watching.

Hindustan Times

Paan Singh Tomar is made with great attention to detail, and paints an honest, realistic picture of an India few of us can claim to know

It is rooted, rustic and raw, with an authenticity of terrain, characters, lingo and emotions

Paan Singh Tomar is a completely gripping, near-flawless film, with such few dodgy parts as to be negligible

Indian Express

It has every ingredient to be a classic biopic and director Tigmanshu Dhulia does it much justice

Mumbai Mirror

The film’s arid surroundings and parched humour are worth every single chuckle. And of course there’s plenty of pathos to wreak your heart


You should watch it simply to witness the marvellous Irrfan Khan sink his teeth into the role of a lifetime, essaying with moving simplicity the baffled rage of peacable masculinity driven inexorably to violence


The movie works because Irffan makes Paan Singh Tomar come alive as an athlete, as a husband and as a dacoit. This is a flawless performance from a consummate actor

Times of India

Gritty and power packed Paan Singh Tomar is a tribute to the unsung heroes of sports in India. Dhulia’s direction and Irrfan’s integrity will make Paan Singh Tomar among the best movies of recent times

The settings, the language, the costumes, the supporting cast all appear authentic. Dhulia takes us on a journey inside a world that few of us know

Paan Singh Tomar is not just any other biopic, it's much more. It raises the bar of Indian cinema and shouts out loud for a deserving watch


Shatters the standard rules of this genre. Besides, the film makes you cognizant that serious cinema can be uniformly delightful, like any other enthralling entertainer